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Nuclear science is often viewed as intimidating, dangerous, and with an overall bad stigma in our modern world. However, nuclear science, inclusive of the nuclear physics that powers nations like France with reactors, is the keystone to preserving the planet with sustainable energy. 

My name is Taya Martinez, I am a 16 year old high school student from Denton, Texas, and I created this blog for the purpose of demonstrating the uses of nuclear science to introduce it to others in a simple and effective manner. 

Ever since 8th grade, the nuclear sciences, more specifically nuclear physics and engineering have become a burning passion of mine, and I have been since searching for ways to share my passion with others in a more approachable fashion. The aspect of nuclear is scary for many people, but the stigma will only continue to be perpetuated if the amazing opportunities of nuclear science aren’t made known or accessible. 

It is critical to begin an era of new understanding for the nuclear sciences, and by sharing my demonstrations of its uses and amazing aspects through fun experiments, nuclear science can become interesting and a positive concept for all.


Pictured here are two men refueling a fission reactor. The blue glow is called Cherenkov radiation. This type of reactor is what powers many homes and cities.

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